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إتحاف أهل الأثر بخصائص سيد البشر ﷺ Maximize

إتحاف أهل الأثر بخصائص سيد البشر ﷺ

للشيخ عرفات بن حسن المحمدي

An excellent book in which are demonstrated (by the Qur'aan and the Sunnah) and explained more than 130 specifics of our prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Presented by theme; his specifics in relation to the other prophets, his specifics in relation to his community, what it was forbidden and allowed to him... etc.

By Shaykh ‘Arafât al-Muhamadi, a student of Shaykh‘ Ubaid al-Jâbirî حفظه الله.

616 pages, yellow pages, 17x24 cm format, hardcover, دار المداد edition.

27,90 €

 kg 1.086 :الوزن