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الإلمام ببعض آيات الأحكام تفسيرا و استنباطا Maximize

الإلمام ببعض آيات الأحكام تفسيرا و استنباطا

للشيخ محمد بن صالح العثيمين

Excellent book  with harakaats (75%)  of Shaykh Al-'Uthaymeen, in which he explains in a very educational way Qur'anic verses on rules of worship: the verses on the rules of purification, prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj... 

He begins by quoting the cause of the revelation of the verse, he explains the words and phrases by quoting, if needed, al-i'râb to understand the meaning of the verse. He then explains the general meaning of the verse, and finally gives the fawaaid, the wisdoms and the rules that we have learned from the verse.

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31,50 €

طبعة مشكولة: نعم 75%

عدد الصفحات: 823

المقاس: 17x24 cm

الورق: شمواه

نوع الكتاب: مجلد

الناشر: مؤسسة الشيخ محمد بن صالح العثيمين الخيرية

 kg 1.380 :الوزن