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القرآن تدبر و عمل Maximize

القرآن تدبر و عمل

لمركز المنهاج للإشراف و التدريب التربوي

Here is an excellent book that aims to facilitate the Qur'an's meditation and its application.

Indeed, are quoted for each page of the Qur'an (the page of the Quran is present on a quarter of the page of the book, as in some tafsir):

- 7 points to ponder.

These points are preceded by the verses from which they were deduced, they are quoted in the form of a question in order to facilitate meditation, they have been drawn from 16 books of tafsir among the tafsir books of the people of the Sunnah and he is quoted their reference.

- The explanation of rare and difficult words .

- 3 points to practice, followed by the verse from which they were deducted.

- 3 differents orientation, followed by the verse from which they were deduced.

612 pages, yellow pages, size 17x24 cm, hardcover, edition مركز المنهاج للإشراف و التدريب التربوي.

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