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ثلاث رسائل في علم مصطلح الحديث Maximize

ثلاث رسائل في علم مصطلح الحديث

A very good collection of three rasaa-il of great scholars of the science of the hadith concerning the conditions of acceptance of the hadiths of the 6 imams (al-Bukhâri, Muslim, abi Dâwud, at-Tirmidhi, an-Nasâi and ibn Mâjah).

  1. Risala of Imam Abi Dawud, who describes his own book, Sounan Abi Dawud.
  2. Risala of Imam Muhammad al-Maqdisi in which he explains the conditions of the 6 imams of the hadith.
  3. Risala of Imam Muhammad al-Hazimi explaining the conditions of the 5 Imams (except ibn Mâjah).

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