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المحدث الفاصل بين الراوي والواعي Maximize

المحدث الفاصل بين الراوي والواعي

للإمام القاضي أبي محمد الحسن بن عبد الرحمان الرامهرمزي

« Al-Muhadith al-Fâsil bayna ar-Râwi wa al-Wâ’i » by Imam ar-Ramahourmouzi, is an excellent book on the science of the terminology of the hadith and this book is also known to be the first written book in this science.

It is here in a beautiful edition, transcribed according to a manuscript, with the referencing of hadiths and athârs, 9 different contents...

The author of the tahqiq - who is Salafi - says that what motivated him to do the tahiq of the book is first that his sheikh, Sheikh Muqbil would often praise this book and especially that Shaykh Rabi' and Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Ali Adam al-Ityubi encouraged him to do the tahqiq of this book.

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