Nous sommes actuellement absent jusqu'au 2 septembre, néanmoins les commandes continuent d’être prise en compte et seront expédiées dès notre retour in sha Allah.

We are currently absent until September 2nd, however orders continue to be taken into account and will be shipped upon our return in sha Allah.

كفاية المتعبد و تحفة المتزهد Maximize

كفاية المتعبد و تحفة المتزهد

للحافظ زكي الدين أبي محمد عبد العظيم بن عبد القوي المنذري


« Kifâytu al-muta’abbid wa tuhfatu al-mutazahhid » of Imam al-Mudhiri, the author of "At-Targhîb wa at-tarhîb", is an excellent collection of hadith on the merits and rewards of worship such as prayer, fasting, zakaat ... etc.

Shaykh 'Abd ar-Razzâq al-Badr explained it.

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