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الباعث الحثيث شرح اختصار علوم الحديث Maximize

الباعث الحثيث شرح اختصار علوم الحديث

للشيخ أحمد بن محمد شاكر

"Al-Baa'ith al-hathith" by Ahmad ash-Shaakir رحمه الله, the explanation of "Ikhtisâr 'Uloom al-Hadith" an excellent book in the science of the terminology of hadith (mustalah al-hadith) for beginners, of Imam Ibn Kathîr رحمه الله.

The explanation and the matn are with all harakaat, the matn is transcribed from 5 manuscripts, the hadiths are referenced and authenticated.

444 pages, yellow pages, 17x24 cm format, hardcover, دار ابن الجوزي edition.

26,50 €

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