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أحكام الإمامة و الإئتمام في الصلاة Maximize

أحكام الإمامة و الإئتمام في الصلاة

للشيخ عبد المحسن بن محمد المنيف

An excellent book, very complete for all that concerns the rules of the imam and the one who prays behind the imam.

Among the chapters:

The definition of al-imamah (the fact of being imam), its importance, the status of taking a compensation (like a salary) to be imam, the people whose imamah is accepted and those of whom it is not accepted, the priority for al-imamah, the intention of the imam and the believers who pray behind the imam, the placement of the people in relation to the imam... etc.

The rules regarding the rows; like the fact that a child is in the row, a disbeliever or a person who does not have ablutions, bowing down far from the row with the imam and then joining the row, taking someone one of the front row because we are alone in the back row, the rules on prayer in congregation for women and in the rows, doing a movement before the imam... etc.

This book has received praise from Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hadi al-Madkhali who said that if he had the power he would have made reading this book mandatory to all imams of Saudi Arabia, see here.

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