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الموسوعة الشعرية للكاتب والأديب والواعظ والخطيب Maximize

الموسوعة الشعرية للكاتب والأديب والواعظ والخطيب

للبدر بن عبد الله بن عبد الكريم الناصر

Here is a huge collection, and even an encyclopedia of Arabic poetry.

It is a collection of more than 5,000 verses from the most popular books of literature, poetry and Islamic science on good behavior and good manners.

On each subject a selection of shortest verses (one to two) is proposed to facilitate memorization.

The verses are with all harakaat, referenced according to their authors and sources, classified by theme (more than 500 different subjects) and difficult words are explained.

Among the topics:

The uniqueness of Allah, the warning against the shirk, the merit of the Qur'an, the clinging to the Sunnah, the praise of the prophet Muhammad , the praise of the companions, the prohibition of the innovation, paradise and hell, the merit of knowledge, good behavior (almost all behaviors have a dedicated chapter as well as the bad ones), politeness (travel, visit, dress ... etc.) , sincerity, prayer, fasting, hajj, death, marriage, jihad ... etc.

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عدد الصفحات: 893

المقاس: 17x24 cm

لون الورق: أصفر

نوع الكتاب: مجلد

الناشر: دار العاصمة

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